Social Media Content

Social Media (Twitter) Posts – fresh and engaging social media content developed with a regional, southeastern fast food restaurant in mind.

1. Beef up your grilling game with these 4 tips for char-­grilled perfection. #offthegrillgood (article or blog post attached)

2. Take a bite out of summer. #MemorialDayWeekend (featuring an image of a juicy, Cook-Out hamburger sitting on a table at a Memorial Day weekend cookout)

3. Turn your summer tailgate into a #CookOut @FedExField (image underneath showing a Cook-­Out food truck stationed at a summer concert venue with long lines of hungry customers in front)

4. What should our 41st milkshake flavor be? #youdecide #howdoyoucookout? (showcasing the brand’s impressive milkshake menu and engaging customers in the product creation process)

5. Guess where this #CookOut restaurant is located, and get a free burger, our treat. #offthegrillgood (image of a Cook-­Out restaurant underneath – encouraging customers to interact with the brand)

6. Wouldn’t our homemade chili taste even better with a dash of @McCormickSpices? (utilizing brand partnerships to take both brands to the next level and engage a whole new set of potential customers)

7. My favorite #CookOut burger topping is _________. (encouraging customers to interact with the brand)


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