Nonprofit Advertisements

Nonprofit Advertisement for a community development nonprofit to be used in conjunction with a campaign to promote litter awareness

Images – these images can stand alone or be used together as a three part series.

  1. An image of a beach on a sunny, summer day, crowded with people and beach supplies (towels, beach umbrellas, etc). Unlike a typical beach, however, instead of an ocean filled with water, this “ocean” will be filled with a sea of litter and trash.
  2. An image of a family (mom, dad, and 2 kids) sitting at a picnic table outdoors eating ice cream cones. Around them (at their feet, scattered on the benches beside them, on the picnic table itself) is a smorgasbord of litter.
  3. An image of an SUV on a freeway loaded to the brim with suitcases, a car rack on top, a bike rack on the back, etc. It should give the impression that the family is going on vacation. However, instead of traveling quickly down the highway, the SUV is creeping behind a line of other slow moving vehicles. The reason? The freeway is covered in litter, causing a traffic jam.

Copy – (in bold print at the top of each of the posters will be one of the below lines of copy)


-­Our world isn’t a trashcan. Don’t turn it into one.
-­It matters where you throw your trash.
-It all started with an empty soda can 

(In smaller print at the bottom of the poster) Keep our world clean. After all, it’s the only one we have.


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