Long Copy Advertisements

Long Copy Advertisement – copy developed with a 100% all-­natural chewing gum in mind

You think you know what’s in your gum, right? After all, it’s only a little stick the size of a thumbnail. How much bad stuff can really be in there? Turns out, a lot. You see, as you’re busy gnawing on your favorite cinnamon-flavored chew – as your mouth is being transported to a warm, coastal cantina in the Maldives while your body is stuck in a 4-mile backup on the freeway – artificial toxins usually used to make things like car tires, plastic bottles, and white glue are seeping out of that juicy morsel and wreaking havoc in your mouth. Feeling disgusted? So were we. That’s why we created Just Gum, the only 100% all-natural chewing gum in the US. No chemicals, no plastics, no poison infested additives. Just 6 simple ingredients that pack a healthy, flavorful punch. So what are you waiting for? Spit out that nasty, regular gum. Spit it out fast. Chew better.


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