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4 Unconventional Guest Books to Showcase on Your Wedding Day (and Beyond!)

As newlyweds can attest, wedding days are teeming with a myriad of special memories that couples will enjoy reflecting on long after they’ve said ‘I do.’ One of the most important? The guests who attended your wedding. After all, your big day wouldn’t have been nearly as love-filled without them! In order to capture the names of your closest family and friends, many couples utilize a classic, run of the mill guest book. However, as an alternative, why not opt for a more creative display for those precious signatures, one that can be showcased both during your ceremony and reception and in your home long after that magical day is over. Read on for some of our favorite unconventional guest books ideas.

  1. Fill a basket with squares of fabric and place it on a table alongside an array of markers. Have your guests sign their names to the squares in lieu of a standard guest book. Then, post honeymoon, take them to a seamstress or quilter and have the pieces of fabric sewn together into a lovely quilt that will not only keep you and your sweetheart warm and cozy but serve as a visual reminder of your wedding day (and those that helped you to celebrate it!) for years to come.
  1. Tastefully display a map of the town, city, or part of the country in which you are getting married on an easel and ask guests to write their signatures around the map’s edge. After your wedding, have the map framed and hang it on your living room wall for a guaranteed conversation starter.
  2. Bearing in mind your wedding theme or the season in which you are tying the knot, consider requesting that your guest autograph collectable objects that can serve to decorate your home afterwards.
  • For those of you marrying at a beach-themed ceremony, invite guests to plant their signatures on seashells (the flatter the better!) which can then be placed in a glass vase as part of your reception décor and carried home for post-wedding display
  • For foodie themed weddings, purchase a bisque platter from a pottery store along with special writing utensils, and encourage guests to sign their names to the plate. Afterwards, take it back to the pottery to have it glazed and display-ready. Hang it on a wall in your home or rest it against a plate easel.
  • For a fall or nature themed wedding, arrange branches in a decorative vase or pot. Collect an assortment of real or artificial leaves, hole punch a small opening at the top of each, and scatter beneath the branches. Ask each guests to sign their name to one leaf and subsequently hang it on a branch. Carry the ‘tree’ home and use it as a centerpiece for your dining room or coffee table.
  1. Create an ‘Advice for the Bride and Groom’ station complete with stacks of delicate stationary, writing utensils, and an antique mailbox. After penning their personalized words of wisdom for the lovebirds, guests will then place their note inside of the mailbox. Post nuptials, construct a scrapbook using your friends’ and families’ well wishes and grant it a prime spot on your coffee table.

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