Feature Articles

Feature Article – developed for Sophie & Mollies, a North Carolina apparel and accessories retailer. The company was hoping to generate publicity for their new brick and mortar location in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and wanted a carefully-crafted feature article written that would share their unique history and attract new customers. 

Eyes for Fashion

To refresh a lifeless wardrobe, look no further than the chic, trendy staples found in Sophie & Mollies Boutique of Chapel Hill.

“We wanted to bring really unique pieces to people in North Carolina,” Joan Simpson says of the inspiration that brought local fashion boutique Sophie & Mollies to life.

With equally keen eyes for style, Joan, who studied fashion merchandising in college, and business partner Maria Ortega, who sold clothing in her native Guatemala before moving stateside, met through their young daughters, who were schoolmates. In 2011, when Joan and Maria learned of a struggling clothing store in Apex, they decided to give entrepreneurship a try and transformed the shop, filling it with an array of hand-selected apparel and accessories, and named it Sophie & Mollies Boutique after Maria’s two miniature schnauzers.

The boutique met instant success and was a hit among women of all ages and with ranging budgets searching for eye-catching outfits to wear to their most special events, from long, weekend getaways to festive, dinner parties. As Sophie & Mollies’s popularity surged, Joan and Maria began scouring the Triangle for the ideal location to open a second store. After a lengthy search and no promising leads, they had nearly lost hope when a light-flooded, vacant storefront became available in downtown Chapel Hill.

“It just felt right,” Joan recalls of the home of their second brick and mortar location, which opened in April 2014.

Situated along bustling Franklin Street near UNC Chapel Hill’s campus, the new shop is flourishing, largely due to Sophie & Mollies’s one-of-a-kind offerings.

“We have everything from a really great blue jean to a really edgy legging,” Joan boasts of her merchandise. The pair also “work with designers by telling them, ‘I want that fabric on that body.’ You won’t find these pieces anywhere else in the country.”

With the two-year anniversary of Sophie & Mollies of Chapel Hill approaching, Joan and Maria have high hopes for the boutique in 2016. Following in the footsteps of their Apex flagship, they hope to partner with more Orange County charitable organizations and host more cause-focused fundraising events, including fashion shows, in their roomy space.

As for her personal goals in the coming year, Joan hopes to continue building relationships with those most instrumental to Sophie & Mollies success: their customers.

“When people come here, you want them to feel like they’re shopping with their friends,” Joan says of the customer experience her team provides. “My favorite part of this job is that I’m a part of all of these great women’s experiences in their lives.”

Hunting for a head-turning outfit worthy of your next big soiree? Visit Sophie & Mollies of Chapel Hill today at 431 W. Franklin Street, Chapel Hill, NC.


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