3 Tips for Crafting Clever, Sales-Driven Website Copy

Your website is visually stunning. You’ve taken pains to ensure that the layout is easily navigable, that your images are crisp and eye-catching, and that your social media icons are displayed front and center. But what good is a lovely website to your customers if the written content it houses is poorly structured, bland and unimaginative , or worst of all, doesn’t manage to actually sell your product or service. Written copy is the bread and butter of any businesses’s website. It’s what attracts new customers to your brand and keeps the old ones coming back. Most importantly, it’s what drives sales. Think your site could use a content facelift? Read on to learn 3 tips for crafting cleve, sales-driven website copy.

  1. Sell your brand – not just your product or service – People aren’t just interested in what you do, they’re interested in who you are too. With so much competition in the consumer market today, customers can afford to be selective in where they spend their money, and they prefer to support businesses that they connect with and “know” intimately. How do you develop that kind of rapport with customers? Start with crafting captivating website copy. Establish a voice unique to your business, use it to craft an authentic and meaningful brand story, and share it with visitors to your “About Us” page. Draft product descriptions that capture how your product or service will help improve your customers’ lives rather than simply stating their physical or mechanical attributes. Write short, sizzling biographies for employees that highlight who they are in and outside of the workplace. Humanize your business and watch your customer base grow.
  2. Differentiate from competitors – Do your research before you start writing. What are your competition’s main offerings? What do they do that makes them unique? Why do customers find them appealing (or unappealing)? Next, figure out ways to differentiate yourself from them. Does your company offer products that cater to price sensitive consumers? Let your customers know that! Do you offer an one-on-one, individualized in-store experience? Shout it from the rooftops! Are your products one of a kind and hand selected? You get the idea. Highlighting what makes you stand out always gives you a competitive edge.
  3. Include a call to action! – Visitors to your site don’t come there to twiddle their thumbs. They come because they’re interested in what your business has to offer. And let’s face it: all the targeted, sales-driven content in the world won’t do you any good if you don’t convince customers to take an action when they get there, whether it be purchasing your product or service, calling for a risk-free consultation, or following your business on social media.  When crafting copy for your website, ask visitors (using persuasive, engaging writing, of course!) to act on at least one business enhancing request while there. The last thing you want is for potential customers to slip from your grasp as soon as they get within arm’s reach.

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